Electronics Recycling

Environmentally Responsible Recycling

Responsible RecyclingWith CompuWorks, you are assured that your equipment, including servers, PCs, monitors, televisions, telecom systems, cell phones/smart phones and medical equipment will be managed responsibly. Our secure environmentally sound methods eliminate worry about retiring your end of life and end of use equipment.

Electronic waste has received much publicity lately and is quickly becoming one of the most substantial enterprise risk factors small and large businesses, hospital systems, government agencies and school systems face today.  Our industry leading processes, procedures, documentation and chain of custody protocols serve to mitigate risk for your organization. 

CompuWorks is committed to the responsible recycling of electronic materials and complies with all State and Federal recycling laws, with respect to the collection, transportation, segregation, destruction, reuse, recovery and disposal of electronics and the destruction of digital data. Accordingly, CompuWorks is an industry leading electronics recycling company that continues to develop, improve and refine its Environmental, Health and Safety Management System to provide competitive, credible and reliable service to its customers and the communities in which it operates.

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